Broadcast and Streaming Campaigns

Ashley Outlet / Ashley Furniture

Why this project is featured:

These campaigns were developed with limited resources and no budget.

Complying with legal requirements in several states because of the use of “Outlet” in the name restricted the use of “Sale” or other traditional promotional headlines. The strategy also needed to include campaigns introducing the brand while driving promotional traffic.

Ashley Outlet Evergreen Campaign

Evergreen :15 Local TV (Generic)

Evergreen :30 Local TV (Generic)

Evergreen :15 Local TV, Canton, GA

Ashley Outlet Event Campaign Templates

Independence Day :15 Local TV (Generic)

Labor Day :15 Local TV (Generic)

Black Friday :15 Local TV (Generic)

Additional complexity required developing content that served corporate and licensee needs.

Blending a consistent brand identity across multiple advertising campaigns on TV, streaming platforms, and social media is vital for building a new brand as it reinforces brand recognition and establishes a cohesive image in the minds of consumers. By presenting a unified and recognizable brand message across various channels, it enhances brand trust, fosters a sense of reliability, and increases the likelihood of customer engagement and loyalty, ultimately driving the brand’s success in a competitive market.

Ashley Outlet Event Campaign Radio, Assets, and Storyboards

Local Radio :30 Scripting and Direction

Independence Day Digital Assets

Independence Day Video Storyboards