Ken Drab

Creative Leader
Design & Visual Storytelling
Global Project Management
Brand Vision & Governance

I am proud to be a highly recommended creative leader adept at unifying teams, developing processes, and channeling creativity toward strategic objectives. My resume highlights a diverse career and showcases the depth of expertise I’ve developed along the way. 

About me

I have been fortunate to work as a Creative Director, leading global rebrands and managing design teams in varying cultures, countries, and cities. I love to collaborate, and I am comfortable in any creative role. I am looking for an opportunity to work in an employee-focused, creative culture. Salary is part of the equation but not the most important factor.

Everything on my site was conceived, developed, and produced by me. I am goal-oriented and an active designer who loves to dream up the big idea, but I’m also skilled enough to build it out if I need to.

I communicate well, am transparent, and am loyal to my company, partners, and team.

My values

These are the values I live by personally and professionally. While I am goal-oriented and work hard to meet deadlines and exceed expectations – I am looking for a good company fit with a work-life culture. Salary and benefits are only a part of the equation.









Continuous Learning


My skills

I bring a vast amount of experience designing for digital and print, tech and retail, and both B2B and B2C. Life isn’t always black and white – fortunately I have built my career adapting to include a broad skillset.











Event Marketing

Internal Comms

Part of a Team


What motivates me

I am a highly motivated, intelligent, and active designer. I am driven to find a better way – to be more efficient and productive.  I work harder (every day) to be a better person.

I believe:

  • I believe in leading by building authentic relationships through transparency and communication.
  • I believe in fostering an inclusive, collaborative, and productive creative culture.
  • I believe in continuous improvement by actively designing with an insatiable desire to learn and grow.
  • I believe in mentoring and challenging my teams individually to achieve professional and personal growth.

I bring:

  • I bring a vast amount of experience designing for digital and print, tech and retail, and both B2B and B2C.
  • I bring a fanatical affinity for brand development experienced through leading eight global rebrands.
  • I bring expertise in branding, marketing, advertising, and event management.
  • I bring a proven track record of building global creative organizations focusing on proficiency, efficiency, and performance.

Let's Connect!

I’m passionate about what I do and the people I surround myself with. It would be great to keep it going and start a real conversation – the best way to connect with me professionally is through LinkedIn.

While I’m currently involved in a few projects, I am available for work in creative leadership, designing freelance, or in a creative organizational consultation capacity.