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Florida Law Firm Identity

Appleton Reiss

Why this project is featured:

This project showcases a broad array of strategy and skills honed on years of experience building global brands and utilized to drive awareness for a new Law Firm.

The goal of this identity was developed for Appleton Reiss highlighting their expertise supporting legal guidance for Community Associations throughout the state of Florida. The logo, creative, and brand strategy (including the brand tagline “Associations that make a difference”), were all developed by Ken Drab.

Appleton Reiss Logo

Appleton Reiss was a new partnership with a distinct set of values and goals. The primary color of Racing Green was a specific request from the start, and the rest of the brand was built around that.  The strategy also included reviewing the competitive landscape to determine the rest of the color palette and aesthetic style for the brand.

Appleton Reiss Brand Identity Buildout

Appleton Reiss Website: Leveraging Generative AI to Add Content and Context

The evolution and quality of AI images can be beneficial when there isn’t time or budget to produce high quality images. Stock photography may not capture the right emotion, angle, or intent needed to drive a message or deliver the specific meaning that takes a layout, campaign, or design from DRAB to fab. (Yes, I used my name there!)

With a targeted strategy, clear direction, and the right keywords, planning, shooting, and editing a relevant photography session used to take weeks and multiple resources. Now, it can be done in a couple of hours, saving valuable budget dollars that can be used elsewhere.

Appleton Reiss Video

Website Background Video

Promotional Event Video

This 35-second marketing video was condensed and added music for use in promotional spots on the networking event’s website and social media.

This marketing video was developed to highlight Appleton Reiss’ primary strengths. This video ran on a loop in the background of a networking event.

Grumpy Gator

Grumpy Gator

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