Rick the Stick is Amazing!!

What does that mean? For starters, Rick thinks differently – or, as his cousin and reluctant best friend Milton may argue, “doesn’t think at all.” So you have that.

But his crazy story doesn’t begin there. Sadly, Rick was raised by his cartoon Uncle Marvin and his family after his parents suffered a mysterious “accidental” drive-by erasing.

While Rick and Milton spend a lot of time banging heads, they unexpectedly bond after stumbling upon clues about how Rick’s parents died. The two fall into nutty adventures that lead them into the cross-hairs of an underground crime syndicate and threaten the Stick family legacy – and their lives.

And there’s a caveman. True story.

There’s so much more, but that’s enough to get you started. Join in on the fun and follow the wacky world of Rick the Stick!


Where we left off...

Above are the last fifteen comics from Rick the Stick, who ran daily for three years,  Monday through Friday, before “taking a break”.

The GREAT news is – Rick the Stick is making a comeback!

The BETTERERISH news is that you’ll be able to read a complete book BEFORE the daily comics post here on the site. What does that mean?


Catch up with Rick the Stick from the beginning as a webcomic which is conveniently collected into three amazing volumes!

Volume 1: Flushtered
Volume 2: Stick and Tired
Volume 3:  RiSTICKulous

Each book has hundreds of comics and a fantastic storyline setting up all new adventures! Links for the books on Amazon are below.


Rick’s story begins again as he discovers more about himself, how his parents died and the mystery behind it all.


The book will be released first if you’re the type that likes to dive right in. Then each comic will be released daily Monday-Friday. That could be on the website or on social media or BOTH!


Meet the crew

The team here does all the work – except Rick who seems to be dead set against any kind of work.


Want to be Rick's new BFF?

You know what they say “Sharing is Caring” and you’ll be caring a lot by sharing Rick’s antics!

He’s not needy, he’s REALLY, REALLY NEEDY and not only needs your attention but craves it!

So be his BFF and share with your other BFFs!

Want more to click through?

Scroll below to read a little more of the bio about the characters.

Why? Because it’s fun! You can also print out the little cards at the bottom and make your own reference collection!


Want to get a head start?
Get caught up, get the books!

Rick the Stick has over 900 comics of wild antics that have led up to this point. Yes the drawings are crude in the beginning, but that doesn’t stop the hijinks and hilarity! There’s a tiny bit of proceeds that go to the Stick Foundation* (* fictional organization – most goes to Amazon, a real-life printing company).

$ 9.99


Rick the Stick Vol 1

  • 300+ Comics
  • Story origin
  • Crude drawings
  • Humor
  • Funny storylines
  • Wacky adventures
$ 9.99

Stick and Tired

Rick the Stick Vol 2

  • 300+ Comics
  • Better drawings
  • Humor
  • Hijinks
  • Funny storylines
  • Wacky adventures
$ 12.99


Rick the Stick Vol 3

  • 130 pages
  • Best drawings
  • Exciting storylines
  • Humor
  • Hijinks

Adventure, Mystery, A Silly Goat

There’s a hero and a life lesson that’s revealed in these charming
little stories illustrated for kids.

$ 9.99

The Good Pirate

The story of a good pirate looking for a meal. Except there's no such thing as a good pirate - is there? Not when the dreaded Blackbeard is around...

  • Purchase through Amazon
  • Prime Available
$ 10.99

The Lizard Cowboy

The story of a cowboy who is always there to lend his friend a hand. Especially when someone left the ranch gates open and all the lizards have escaped.

  • Purchase through Amazon
  • Prime Available
$ 10.99

Billy the Silly Goat

What happens when an illustrator teams up with a seven and five-year-old? A goat who almost gets eaten by a shark, but learns a lesson - or does he?

  • Purchase through Amazon
  • Prime Available

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Stay tuned, there's plenty more to come!

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