Ashley Outlet Video/Streaming Licensee Campaigns

Why this project is featured:

Blending a consistent brand identity across multiple advertising campaigns on TV, streaming platforms, and social media is vital for building a new brand as it reinforces brand recognition and establishes a cohesive image in the minds of consumers. By presenting a unified and recognizable brand message across various channels, it enhances brand trust, fosters a sense of reliability, and increases the likelihood of customer engagement and loyalty, ultimately driving the brand’s success in a competitive market.

Ashley Outlet Evergreen Campaign

Evergreen :15 Local TV (Generic)

Evergreen :30 Local TV (Generic)

Evergreen :15 Local TV, Canton, GA

Ashley Outlet Event Campaign Templates

Independence Day :15 Local TV (Generic)

Labor Day :15 Local TV (Generic)

Black Friday :15 Local TV (Generic)

Ashley Outlet Event Radio Scripting and Direction

Local Radio :30 Streaming

Ashley Outlet Event Campaign Assets and Storyboards

Independence Day Digital Assets

Independence Day Video Storyboards

Ashley Outlet Original Store Concept for Licensees

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    Brand Strategy, Identity Development, Design System

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    Creative Direction, Active Design, Design System Development

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    Ashley Outlet

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